Coronavirus Live Blog: Saturday, March 21

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Saturday's live updates, local stories and light relief as Cornwall battles Coronavirus

10.35 AM


Cornish doctors start suspending all routine GP appointments

Pirate FM understands some Cornish GP surgeries have begun suspending routine appointments.

9.52 AM

Tourists travelling to Cornwall putting lives at risk

9.47 AM

Rick Stein thanks staff as he closes restaurants

The chef has several restaurants across Cornwall.

He says Coronavirus is so serious that the government is doing the right thing.

“I really think we’ll be back,” he says.

Sthithians Show cancelled

9.24 AM

Devon and Cornwall Police ‘stupidly busy’ because of Coronavirus beer giveaway causing fights

Mike Newton is a Control Room Supervisor for Devon and Cornwall Police.

Here’s what he had to say about an incident last night:

Self-isolation, Cornish style, with the Kernow King Ed Rowe

9.14 AM

Support Cornish fishermen when you’re hungry

9.12 AM

Can you help veterans?

9.01 AM

image: Friends of Jubilee Pool

TODAY: Free food for local residents at Jubilee Pool cafe

The Jubilee Pool Cafe in Penzance is closing temporarily because of the outbreak – and they’re giving away food so it doesn’t go to waste.

The takeaway counter will be open on Saturday with soup, tortillas and tarts to hand out.

It is restricted to one item each.

Here’s what the cafe team said on Facebook:

A little ray of sunshine…Due to the temporary closure of Jubilee Pool Café, we have some perishable items which should not go to waste. We have thought about how best to utilise these ingredients for our community whilst also following Government guidance.From 11am on Saturday 21st March, we will be opening our Café takeaway counter to offer the following items free of charge Penzance residents.Butternut, carrot and coconut soup with a slice of St Ives Bakery Sourdough (vg)Or Vegetable tortilla (v) (gf)OrSpinach and mushroom tart (v)We have very limited amounts and would like them to go to those in genuine need.However, should anyone wish to make a small donation it will be used in full to buy more produce and takeaway packaging from local suppliers to hopefully enable us to repeat this.This is for takeaway only. Sadly, we do not currently have a facility to deliver items. For everyone’s health, we ask that you please leave the site once you have collected your items and not use the outside tables.There will be no toilet facilities available on site, but public toilets are located close by.We don’t have much, so please be considerate and understand why it’s one item each. This way we can brighten the day for as many people as possible.Jubilee Pool Café

9.00 AM

Welcome to Pirate’s Coronavirus SUPERBLOG!

We’ll be bringing you live updates, local stories and light relief as Cornwall battles Coronavirus.
And don’t miss Cornish Claire’s video diary as she talks us through her experience of living in isolation.

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