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If you work in the creative industries, you could benefit from a free Federation Membership for six months.

Many self-employed people in Cornwall work within this industry, this could be a great help to enable work to continue during this uncertain time.

It’s clear that our creativity and problem-solving abilities are going to be substantially affected by the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. This is a rapidly evolving, unprecedented situation, and we’ve been listening carefully to your concerns.

Now, it is more important than ever to connect our sectors and speak with one unified for the creative industries to ensure you and our wider creative community are supported during this difficult period. 

We are only as strong as our membership and we need creatives from across the country to join us at this time of crisis for the sector. We are encouraging freelancers – who will be some of the hardest hit –  to join us as a Creative Industries Federation Member free of charge for the next six months, so we can support you with relevant news and updates whilst you navigate the challenges of the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. 

Please click here to set up your free, six-month Federation membership. 

  • You want to get behind our mission to unlock the power of creativity and realise our country’s potential. 
  • You want your work to play an important role in the future of the creative industries.
  • You know that unity is strength and collaboration is the key to change. 
  • A chance to sign the Creative Industries Charter. By using our logo, you’ll demonstrate to the people you work with that you’re committed to creative excellence and you protect your interests. 
  • Your voice, heard. We advocate for our members at the highest level in government. We protect your interests, rates and rights, and we make sure our sector is at the heart of decision-making.
  • A network of the most inspiring creative talent in the UK. You’ll become a part of the success story that’s powering our economy.
  • A UK-wide programme of events and workshops. You’ll get free or discounted tickets to thought leadership, coaching and networking events – everything from low-key meet-ups to conferences and webinars. 
  • A profile boost. Getting you and your work in front of our brilliant network of freelancers, creative businesses and decision makers.
  • Access to talent. Gain a competitive advantage through access to the best creative sector businesses and talent from across the UK
  • Use of our directory and members-only jobs boards. Through exclusive access, you’ll meet even more creative talent.
  • The latest industry insights. We’ll keep you in the loop with news, views and advice from across the sector.
  • Resources for business and personal growth. You’ll have our market-leading content whenever you need it. 
  • Access to funding opportunities. Regular updates on new ways to finance your work.

Our memberships normally start from £80. Find out more from our Membership team


For more info you can head to their website

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