Changes to Supermarket Opening Times

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Many supermarkets have shifted their opening times, either to allow for the elderly or vulnerable to shop more safely, or to allow for restocking. Find out any changes to current opening times below. Supermarkets not listed are currently operating usual opening times.


  • In Cornwall, 24 hour stores are now closing overnight between 10pm and 6am.
  • Friday the 20th March, 6am – 9am is reserved for the most vulnerable groups only.


  • Every shop will shut at 10pm to allow for restocking
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am – 10am will be dedicated shopping time for the vulnerable and elderly (excluding express stores).


  • The first hour of Thursday 19th of March in every store is put aside for those who are elderly or vulnerable.


  • Open only to elderly and vulnerable groups for the first hour of trading every day in every shop.
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