RSPCA Advice: How to care for your pets during social distancing and isolation

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The RSPCA is encouraging pet owners to think about how they will care for their animals if they need to stay at home with suspected symptoms of corona virus.

They’ve issues some tips and advice on how best to keep everyone safe, whether your household is self isolating or just following the Government advice of social distancing.

Social Distancing Tips

  • Always adopt good hygiene practises and thoroughly wash your hands after interacting with your pets.
  • Avoid being kissed or licked and avoid sharing food with your pet.
  • Ensure you have supplies of pet food and medication in case you need to stay at home.
  • Enjoy dog walks but keep two meters away from other people.
  • Speak to your vet or doctor for more advice.

Self Isolation Tips

  • Limit contact with pets and other animals whilst you’re sick.
  • Do not go on dog walks, instead exercise your dog in the garden or ask a friend or relative to help. A dog walker or boarder may also be able to help.
  • Ask friends to care for livestock and horses.
  • If you feel unwell ask friends or a boarder to take your pets to be looked after.
  • If you have any concerns about your pet, or your pet shows signs of ill health, please do not visit the vet but phone for advice. As you will be unable to take the pet to the vet yourself, have a plan so that someone else can do this on your behalf.
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