East Cornwall GP patients told ‘it will be a challenging time’ in new update

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Patients in Cornwall have been given guidance on what to expect

Patients in Cornwall have been given guidance on what to expect during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The East Cornwall Primary Care Network issued a message to the 105,000 GP patients across East Cornwall on Wednesday.

Here is the statement in full:


Important Update for GP Patients across East Cornwall, this includes: Rosedean House Liskeard, Saltash Health Centre, Rame Group Practice, Oak Tree Surgery, Quay Lane Surgery, Port View Surgery, Old Bridge Surgery & Launceston Medical Centre.

[March 18th 2020] At this time it is essential that we keep our phone lines clear for emergency calls. As such, all routine GP appointments will now be handled through our online services only, wherever possible. All routine cases and appointments will not be seen by a GP or Healthcare professional for the foreseeable future, this will be kept under constant review. For any and all routine and non-urgent GP cases, please visit your GP Practice website and use any of the online services available to you there, including e-Consult & Video Consultations (LIVI). Telephone service is still available if you do not have internet access.

We desperately want and need to continue to deliver a high level of service to you all, prescribe important medications to patients and care for our vulnerable patients, but in doing so, we do need your help. Please, exercise patience when dealing with healthcare professionals over the coming weeks. We are amongst those at greatest risk of infection and we are already feeling the effects of the increased workload.

To ensure that we can continue to look after you and keep transmission as low as possible we do need your help and patience. It will be a challenging time for everyone, therefore if you are getting frustrated with waiting times in pharmacies and with other healthcare professionals, please take a moment to consider how your healthcare professional is feeling in having to deal with this increased demand.

Please, do not attend your practice with a routine or non-urgent condition. Please use your GP practice’s online services where appropriate, these are available on your GP Surgery’s Website. Take advantage of eConsult where your surgery has this facility and if you do need to see a GP, consider first using the video consultation facility (LIVI) available to you now from your GP practice website in East Cornwall.

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