#coronaviruschallenge sees Instagram model lick toilet seat

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It was only a matter of time before the internet started a new, questionable craze which went viral.

We’ve had the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Bottletop challenge and more.

But nobody was prepared for this Coronavirus-related one.

Instagram model Ava Louise uploaded a video to her TikTok of her licking a toilet seat on a flight to Miami.


The ‘model’ from New Jersey, is seen licking the toilet seat with sunglasses on her head before giving double peace signs.

She is now facing considerable backlash after #coronaviruschallenge started trending.

Louise told the Miami Herald that she was at no risk of catching COVID-19.

“I trolled America,” she said.

“Like, it was a clean toilet seat. On a sugar daddy’s plane.”

“I feel hot, rich and iconic. If those are the symptoms of corona then b—-, I’m ill!” 

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