17 Things to entertain your little ones at home

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Extra quality time with your little ones is always a treat, but if you’re struggling for some fun activities whilst not venturing out, we’ve gathered a few fun, easy, ideas for you! (you’re welcome..!)

1. Monster Jelly – make up some jelly as normal, stick a bath toy, or action figure (or whatever you like really!) in it whilst it’s setting.

2. Colourful Spaghetti – cook some spaghetti (if you can find any in the shops!) and add some liquid water colours to change the colour.

3. Pop a water balloon in the freezer overnight – you can even freeze something in the water balloon they have to then get out in the morning. Generally, just then being able to chip away at the icy water balloon is fun enough…

4. Create a scavenger hunt! Write/draw out a list of things that your little ones need to find around the house, EG, teddy bear, hairbrush etc. This can be especially handy if you’ve lost something and don’t have time to find it yourself.

5. Cut out various pictures from magazines and ask you child to tell a story. They can be anything, pictures of motorbikes, people, accessories, clothes, houses, food – let your little one choose 5 and see where their imagination takes you!

6. Toy Car Wash – gather up any toy cars you have (or any waterproof toy that fancies a spruce) pop some warm water and a few bubbles into a bowl, add a big, soft, clean paintbrush and let your child ‘wash’ their cars to their hearts content! You may want to carry out this activity on a towel…

7. Anyone got a big box spare? Create your own shop! If you can’t go outside, bring the outside to you! Cut out a little window to serve from, agree some prices and your shop can sell anything you like – even pasta and toilet roll!

8. Speaking of cardboard boxes, if you’ve got one, they can become anything! Rockets, a submarine, a dolls house – anything your (their) heart desires!

9. Fill a large tub with frozen peas and water. Right, I know this sounds weird, but trust me. Bring out any little colanders, sieves or ladles you have and let your child scoop and sieve and decant the floating peas to their hearts content.

10. Choose a colour or letter and ask your child to find you something that matches. For example, something beginning with A, or, something red. This is a particularly good game because you can sit on the sofa the whole time.

11. Build a birds nest or bug hotel – if you’ve got a bit of a garden, spend the afternoon running around finding twigs, sticks, leaves and anything else to construct your own nest! Don’t worry, birds don’t have to be able to live in it after!

12. Can Bowling – If the bowling alley’s are shut, create your own! Set up a stack of empty cans (check for sharp edges), find a tennis ball and away you go! This can be played inside or in the garden, if you feel like you need a bit of fresh air. Make it trickier by adding more cans to knock down as you go.

13. Baking – say the words ‘snacks’ to most children and the joy in their eyes is unparalleled. The only thing better than cake is cake mixture (don’t even try an deny it). There are loads of simple recipes online, everything from flapjacks to a three tiered pavlova extravaganzas. Best thing about baking is, practise makes perfect!

14. Explore Mars – I’m not kidding. Get in that cardboard rocket from number 8 and blast off to our nearest planet. Luckily, you can do all this from the comfort of your own home – click here!

15. Go to Africa – okay, obviously not really, BUT, even with travel bans in place, you can still experience an African Safari. Find loads of live webcams based around animals reserves here – keep checking back and see what animals you can spot!

16. Painting Pizza Plates! Got any paper plates/paint hanging around? Get the little ones to paint a pizza on the top – they can even stick bits on to make their favourite toppings! When they’ve painted a few, cut them into triangles and have a pizza party.

17. Build the den of all dens – den building is the stuff of dreams as a child. Put a day aside to completely convert your living room/their bedroom into a den that beats them all. Hang sheets, pile cushions, use mattresses/sofa cushions – anything you can find! Extra points if you play the ‘how fast can we tidy this all back up again’ game at the end…

So there you have it – 17 ways to (hopefully) keep the kids entertained for a few more days. If you have any foolproof suggestions, let us know!

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