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Cinemas are facing a difficult few months with films halting production, line-ups changing and most having to close their doors for the time being, such as all WTW and Scott Cinemas.

However, some companies have seen this as a sign to alter the way they release films, and this may even be something becomes commonplace in future. 

Universal are planning on releasing Dreamworks animated kids film Trolls World Tour on demand the very same day it’s due in cinemas, April 10th

While this will be the first to release simultaneously, Universal are also making three of their other current releases available for On-Demand – The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma, which may be available from Friday 20th March. 

They’re only going to be available to rent for a 48-hour period and will likely cost around £20, a hefty price tag for a rental, but possibly cheaper than a family trip to the cinema.  

Warner Bros have also moved their digital release dates forward for both Birds of Prey and The Gentleman, which you can purchase on March 24th  


The Walt Disney Company also announced last Friday that it would be making Frozen 2 available three months early on their new streaming service Disney+. 

No doubt we’ll see a few more companies following suit in the near future. 

By Jon Roberts

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